NEWALL Features & Specifications


All Displays Feature:

Absolute/Incremental Operation,   Radius/Diameter Readings,   Inch/Metric Conversion,   Zero Reset/Data Preset,   Linear and Segmented Error Compensation,   Center Find, Switchable Resolutions (0.002” to 0.00005”),   Encoder Failure Alert,   Home Reference,   Sleep Mode,   Self Diagnostics,   Ergonomically Designed,   Rugged Cast Housing

NMS300 model

For milling and turning machine operation. In addition to the display features above the DP500 includes:

Bolt Hole Circle (PCD) & Line Hole Milling,   Arc Contouring,   Pocket Milling,   Tool Offsets Library for Turning,   Taper Calculations

Available in 2 or 3 axes

2-year manufacturers warranty

DP700 model

For milling, boring, turning, grinding, and general machining operation. In addition to the display features above the DP700 includes:

Programmable Memory / Teach,  Polar Coordinates,   Axis Vectoring/Summing,   Feed Rate Display

Available in 1, 2 or 3 axes

5-year manufacturers warranty, 3-year no-fault warranty

DP1200 model

Designed for long travel machines including essential features for boring mills, VTLs, milling machines, and long travel lathes. In addition to the display features above the DP1200 includes:

Extra Large LEDs,   3.5” TFT LCD screen,   User Definable Axis Legends,   Part Skew,   Real Time Tool Path Graphics with Auto-Zoom

Available in 2, 3 or 4 axes or Rotary Encoder on 4th axis

 5-year manufacturers warranty, 3-year no-fault warranty 

Scale Specifications

Scale Travel (overall length)

Spherosyn: Unlimited (travel + 10”)

Microsyn 10/5: Up to 40” (travel + 7”)

Read head cable length: 11.5’ stainless steel armored (22’ & 32’ optional)

Repeatability: within one resolution count


Spherosyn: +/- 0.0004” + 0.0002” / meter 

Microsyn 10: +/- 0.0004” 

Microsyn 5: +/- 0.0002”


Spherosyn/Microsyn 10: 0.002”/0.001”/0.0005”/0.0002”

Microsyn 5: 0.002”/0.001”/0.0005”/0.0002”/0.0001”/0.00005”