Newall digital readout system (DRO), Spherosyn, Microsyn scales

NEWALL Digital Readout Systems

Here's why the NEWALL DRO is #1 Worldwide

Lifetime Scale Defect Guarantee - Since there is no glass to be dirtied, scratched, or broken Newall scales

are guaranteed against defects for as long as you own them.

5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty - The workmanship is covered for an industry leading five years.

3-year No-Fault Warranty - Newall will repair or replace any part damaged on your system due to accidental breakage, neglect, improper installation, or operator abuse.

• Completely sealed scales with an Ingress Protection (IP) 67 rating

• Impervious to dust, dirt, oil and other harsh shop conditions

• No mechanical wear characteristics

• No more broken or scratched glass scales

• Requires no cleaning or maintenance

• No air purge required

• Resistant to shock, vibration, and magnetic interference

• Travel rate of 2 meters per second without skipping a count (Absolute scales: 60 meters/second)

• Easiest readout system to install as no machined surface or backer bar is needed

• Unlike other readouts, thermal expansion is not a problem with Newall scales. They carry a coefficient of 12ppm, the same as steel/iron. In other words the scales will expand/contract at the same rate as the machine and the work-piece for improved accuracy.

Did You Know...

You can upgrade your existing digital readout system with Newall scales?

Acu-Rite, Anilam, Fagor, Heidenhain, Metronics, Mitutoyo, Sargon, TRAK

Newall scales can be interfaced with these digital readout systems and more.

Tired of cleaning your scales? Upset with your broken or scratched glass scales?

Newall’s heavy duty, high accuracy scales will plug right into your existing DRO display.

They can also be interfaced with your CNC control. Please contact us for more details.