TRAK VMC CNC Vertical Machining Center



• Made in the USA

• Unique blend of a machining center with the flexibility of toolroom mill operation in DRO mode with X,Y & Z handwheels.

• East-to-use interface can be programmed by any machinist without need of a trained programmer.

• 16-tool carousel tool changer along with manual tool changes when additional tools are required.

• Bi-directional (shortest path) tool selection and adaptive toolpath operation for faster performance and extended tool life.

• Fully enclosed ANSI B11 compliant operation.

• Powerful, servo motors for rapid movement up to 1000 IPM.

• Continuous 10HP with peak 15HP power

• Uses the same, powerful RMX control as the TRAK DPM CNC bed mill series so machinists can move between machines with ease.

 (see specifications below)

TRAK 2OP CNC 2nd Operation Machining Center



• Made in the USA

• Easy to learn and use TMX CNC controller can be programmed on the shop floor with clear, consistent screen organization; logical operation with few input keys; prompts are in understandable, plain language but can still run G-codes.

• Increase productivity by running part of the operation through the 2OP and keep primary machines running jobs that fit their capabilities which reduce overall cycle times.

• Easily move and set up 2OP in minutes, with the included pallet jack, from one cell to another in the shop depending on what job is currently being produced. Eliminate stacking or moving parts.

• 8-station tool changer with 3-axis simultaneous CNC.

• Table has built-in locating holes for automatic fixture offsets through Jergens ball-lock system to decrease set up time.

• Indexer compatible

• Compact 2.5’ x 4’ footprint that fits through min. 92” doorway

 (see specifications below)