TRAK DPM RX Series CNC Bed Mills



• Made in the USA

• Perfect blend and flexibility of a manual machine with the speed and precision of a CNC.

• Control can be programmed easily by any machinist without need of a trained CNC programmer.

• High precision ground ball screws on all axes.

• Electronically controlled, inverter driven spindle motor.

• Maximum rigidity from Turcite coated hardened & ground box ways, wide table saddle, and counter-weight supported head movement along column.

• Powerful, brushless servo motors for rapid movement up to 400 IPM and ultra fine 0.000003” encoder resolution.

• Quill handle and full sized, 2-speed handwheels for easy manual operation.

• Combines head and quill travel into one Z dimension on display.

• Long 24.25” Z-axis (up/down) ram travel with left/right tilting head.

 (see specifications below)