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How It Works

   Digital readout systems generally consist of three main components: 1) a scale, 2) a reader head, 3) a digital display unit.  The scale and reader head are mounted to the machine and generate signals which are transmitted to the digital display unit for easy-to-read digital measurements.

    Newall's Spherosyn and Microsyn scales consist of a tube, constructed of stainless steel or carbon fiber weave, which is filled with a column of individually graded, precision ground steel balls.  The balls are set under a pre-load at the factory.  The tube is then sealed.

    The reader head consists of six copper coil assemblies wound around a fiber composite.   Each coil assembly has transmitter and pick-up coils.  The coil assemblies and required electronic circuitry are "potted" with an epoxy resin.  This completely seals the electronic components from the ingress of coolant, oil, and other contaminants.

inside scale.JPG (93861 bytes)

    When current is applied to the reader head, the copper coils create an electromagnetic field which is induced inside the scale (tube).  Because the steel balls are spheres, the resistance is constantly changing within the moving reader head, thus infinite measuring points.  As the reader head moves along the scale, the relative axial movement between the scale and the reader head produce corresponding signals induced in each pick-up coil.  The pick-up coils receive the signals and transmit them to the circuitry of the reader head.

    Because of their unique design, Newall linear scales and reader heads can be immersed in coolant, oil, chips, and dirt and still work.  They resist vibration and magnetic interference.  What is on the surface of the transducer is irrelevant because all the measuring devices are INSIDE the scale and reader head, protected from the work being done with them and around them.

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