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Digital Readouts CNC Accessories

How It Works

NEWALL Digital Readout Systems

Newall offers robust, resilient, and accurate linear measurement systems.  Newall based its patented design on the principles of electromagnetics.  

The emerging standard for the shop environment. 

The traditional glass scale technology is passing on. Glass breaks!  Glass needs regular cleaning!

        ...even magnetic scales are more susceptible to damage and magnetic interference. 

Key Benefits

Robust - impervious to coolant, oil, dirt, dust, metal chips, graphite dust, cast iron dust, lubricants, and virtually all shop conditions.
Cleaning or regular maintenance NOT required
No more glass to break or scratch.
Replacements compatible with original systems
Simple to install - comes with easy-to-follow instructions
Best warranty in the industry
Newall is ISO 9001 & ISO 9002 certified.

Did You Know...

You can upgrade your existing digital readout system with Newall scales?

Accurite, Analeim, Fagor, Heidenhain, Metronics, Mitutoyo, Sargon, TRAK

Newall scales can be interfaced with these digital readout systems and more.  Tired of cleaning your scales? Upset with your broken or scratched glass scales? Newall’s heavy duty, high accuracy scales will plug right into your existing DRO display.  They can also be interfaced with your CNC control. Please contact us for more details.


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