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Newall Takes up the Challenge - No More Limit to Scale Length

Since 1998, Newall Electronics found a way to build digital readout systems with no limitation on scale length.

It all started when a hydraulic Onsrud Gantry Mill needed a to be retrofitted with a CNC control system.   The customer needed a solution that would interface with their CNC control system and be suitable with their shop environment.  

Newall's resilient and robust systems convinced the the research and design team that Newall scales will handle the shop's harsh environment where coolant and aluminum chips get into the nooks and crannies.

Newall also provides solutions that directly connect to CNC systems as well as other system displays.  The team found that Newall's positive feedback solution would be the best way to interface with their CNC control system. 

Having made their decision, the team asked Newall to build a scale with 720" of travel.  To that point, the longest Newall scale was 462".

But, extruded Stainless Steel tubes don't come in those lengths.  Even if it did, how does Newall ship the scale from the factory in England?  

Recognizing opportunities, Newall engineers developed a method that would provide a Spherosyn scale in an unlimited length. The scale was assembled on-site and calibrated using a laser interferometer.   In the end, the accuracy of the scale was higher than the specifications.

The scale continues to work.  The customer is very happy.  And, now Newall can deliver scales of an unlimited length!

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