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Gingras Shear & Press-Brake Combination



    The Gingras shear/press-brake combination is the only machine on the market offering the flexibility to function as either a shear or a press-brake.  In only 10 seconds, the upper ram rotates over 180 degrees, thus transforming the shear into a press-brake, or vice-versa.  The positioning is secured with 2 hydraulic taper cylinders inserted in hardened bushings.

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    The Gingras shear/press-brake combination saves space and added investment.

Compared to conventional shears, operators appreciate the machine's diversity and flexibility.  

The versatility of the shear/press-brake allows both the cutting of a leg of angle iron lengthwise as well as the beveling of its ends.  Furthermore, the greater clearance of the upper turning ram offers the ability to insert and form more odd-shaped pieces than permitted by conventional press-brakes.  Replacement of shear blades is the quickest and easiest in the industry.  The operator simply rotates the upper ram permitting replacement while standing in the front of the machine.  This is further facilitated by setting the hold-downs in the retract position.  Standard blades are HCHC and their efficiency is maximized due to precision ground sections, each with 4 cutting edges.   Damage or wear to one section means the entire blade need not be replaced.

    Once shearing has been completed, the operator simply turns a switch and presses the control pedal to transform the machine into a press-brake.   As a result, the operator is ready to form the sheared pieces into the desired parts with no fuss and without having to move to another work station.  One person can easily install the heaviest of dies unaided by using the loading and unloading rings located at each end of the ram.

    The distance between housings on a 10 foot machine is 121 inches, which provides the equivalent span of a conventional 12 foot press-brake.   Its unique hydraulic system generates full tonnage at any point during the stroke and over the entire length of the ram.  The open access and easy control of materials permit shaping cones.

    Of the many advantages to this shear/press-brake, the first is, naturally, space.  A combined shear & press-brake takes up one-half the space required for two separate machines.  Secondly, the financial investment is greatly reduced while the quality and standard features surpass other manufacturer's standard offerings.  Additionally, one machine needs much less maintenance which is especially true for this machine as it only requires a minimum of upkeep.

    Standard features which most other manufacturers sell as options include transfer balls to facilitate handling of heavy sheets.  Front support arms are not only provided but have also been designed for rapid installation and removal.   The blade adjustment indicator increases cutting precision and prolongs the life of the blades.  In short, every aspect has been studied and researched in order to equip this shear/press-brake with unique more productive features.

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