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DP900 B60 DP700 A50 Scales




The DP700 is a powerful yet affordable digital readout that sets the new standard for performance, value and ease of use.  It utilizes the latest in technology, and is available in one, two or three axis configurations.  The DP700 can easily be configured for mill or lathe specific operation.  It includes the following features...


Absolute/Incremental Operation

Inch/Metric Conversion 

Zero Approach Warning 

Zero Reset / Data Preset 

Data Recall

Data Hold

Radius/Diameter Readings

Center Find

Home Reference

Linear Error Compensation

Segmented Error Compensation

Memory Back-up

Self Diagnostics

Encoder Failure Alert 

Switchable Resolutions (0.002 to 0.00005)

Sleep Mode


Edit Capability 1/2

Feed Rate Display 1/2

Bolt Hole Circle1 

Arc Contouring1 

Programmable Memory1/2 

Polar Coordinates1

Keystroke Undo 1/2

Teach Mode Capability 1/2

Line Hole Calculator1

Tool Offsets2

Taper Calculation2

Axis Vectoring / Summing (3-axis)2

Note: 1 Mill specific features.  2 Lathe specific features.

Dimensions: 6.7"x10.25"x1.9"
Weight: 3.3 lbs.
Voltage: 115/230V
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