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Precision TRAKTM CNC Machines

Machines built by

Controls developed by 

Machining such things as fixtures, prototypes, molds, tooling, or repairs?

Then, you are among the most highly skilled in manufacturing today!

TRAKTM CNC Machines:    Designed for productivity.   Designed for the user.

Full easy-to-use CNC control 


Designed for machinists.  Specialized programmers not required.  

The controls use conversational English to set up, edit, and machine pieces.


Keeps you in control


provides as much automation as required

allows for manual control - including manual override    


The right tool


easy to learn

saves time!

            - save on set-up

            - save on machining



The CNC for small lot machining

    ...that handles the vast majority of the work in the industry

*** with no special tooling ***


Retrofits also available


Find what you are looking for?  If not, please contact us and see how we can help!