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CNC Mill CNC Lathe SX Controls

ProtoTRAKTM SX Series CNC Controls

The ProtoTRAKTM SX Series is  a powerful CNC control for toolroom work. Advanced technology blends with the easy, natural user interface that makes ProtoTRAKTM the world's most popular CNC 
for small lot machining.

Made in the USA

ProtoTRAKTM SMX (Mill)                                          ProtoTRAKTM SLX (Lathe)

Common options available with the SX Series include:

The Advanced Features Option, for more advanced capabilities, offers many productive routines. 
 (Follow the link of the individual displays for a full list of features.) 
 These Advanced Features are presented in the same, easy-to-use format that makes the system so useful for toolroom work.

The TRAKing Option extends the power of the CNC into the electronic handwheels, giving you complete control over your program feedrate. Crank one handwheel, and both axes move through the program at the speed you determine.

The Network Memory Option offers advanced program storage including networking helps you to organize, control and back up program files right from your CNC.


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